Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Diet Details

So I mentioned that my trick was to cook everyday but that still leaves 2 meals unaccounted for! So this is what has worked for me... I try to eat under 500 calories before dinner.

I usually wake up too late in the day to eat breakfast so I go straight for lunch but if I do wake up early then I eat a 100 calorie breakfast bar or 2 slices of **toast (likely buttered and sprinkled with sugar, the real stuff!)

For lunch I have a ham sandwich, made with light mayo or miracle whip and 50 cal/ slice bread. I also give myself a snack. I really like individually wrapped snacks because it prevents me from eating the whole box of crackers. But they are soooo EXPENSIVE! My trick: the dollar store! they have cracker sticks with cheese (70 calories/ pack!), vanilla oreo-ish cookies (150 calories/ pack) and all kinds of other individually wrapped treats which all come in boxes of about 6 packs for just 1 dollar! It is awesome! If I didn't eat breakfast then I usually let myself have 2 treats at lunch. I also found weight watchers brand lemon cakes at the dollar store the other day! they are to die for and only 80 calories each!

As I've mentioned, I cook what Larry and I will eat! 2 servings is 8 oz. of meat (4 oz. each), 1/2 cup uncooked rice (1/4 cup each) and 4 oz. of pasta (2 oz. each). it is amazing how much food this actually is! But we get our one serving and that is it!

I just have to finish the day with something sweet! I really like sugar free fudgesicle (I never know how to spell that!) There is a brand that are 40 calories each and will sell a box of 20 for around 3 dollars. My new obsession, however, is a bit less economical... it's the Skinny Cow brand! You get about 6 treats for 4 bucks on a good day but I can't resist! They are worth it! My favorites are the caramel truffle bar and the Caramel ice cream cone. The Caramel truffle bar is only 100 calories. It is like a caramel flavored fudgesicle drizzled with chocolate! It's divine!! The caramel ice cream cone is 150 calories and worth every one!! It is vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce on top in a cone which is lined in chocolate. And just when you think your done, there is an inch of solid chocolate in the bottom of the cone!

WARNING!!: After this sweet treat, the kitchen must be closed!

TOTAL Calories/ Day: 1000-1300

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