Monday, March 1, 2010

Tips for the Grocery Store

Tricks at the Grocery Store

1) The most expensive products at the store are placed at eye level. If your looking for the least expensive cheddar cracker but can only see cheese-its, try looking on the bottom or top shelf. Also, when you see a deal at the end of an isle, don't get it there! There could be a better deals if you walk down the actual isle! Another trick the sore will use is 10 for 10. Before you buy 10, make sure that the deal is only valid if you buy 10. If they are all $1 each, then maybe you only want to buy 5.

2) When beef or chicken are under $2 a pound, buy 5 pounds. When you get home, package them in bundles with the appropriate serving size. (i.e. if cooking for 2, make bundles 8 oz. (4 oz./ person) cooking for 4, make bundles of 16 oz.)

3) If your grocery store requires a club card to get the deals, sign up for it! It's amazing how much you save!

4) Going along with that, look at the weekly ads. They will give you a heads up and sometimes will have valuable coupons. For example if you have to have soda, like myself never buy a 2 liter for more than a dollar. Grocery stores will run deals like buy 5 or more for .99 each. So buy 5! It sure beats buying 3 for 1.89 each!

5) Plan ahead! I choose which meals I am going to prepare 2 weeks out. I make a list of all the necessary ingredients and then cross off the one's I already have. Also, when choosing meals to make, look at what ingredients you have which must be used. For example if you have hot dog buns which are almost to or are a few days after their freshness date, plan to make sloppy joe's using those buns.


  1. Kendall! I saw that you posted this on facebook and I think this is a GREAT blog!!! I am such a food fanatic and I love reading ideas and finding great recipes! Thanks for sharing and I will definitely be looking back here often. That chicken and rice casserole looks delicious!!! My sisters and I also have a recipe blog that you should check out if you get a minute...we haven't updated in while though, lol! It is

  2. Natalie! Your blog is awesome! I am definitely going to use some of those recipes! You and your sisters are so cute and gorgeous! I think we met at Me and Larry's wedding reception but I'm not sure. I'm really glad we are bloging friends tho!