Monday, March 1, 2010

How To Use the Recipes

Each of the meals have been cut in size to be adequate for just 2 people. Each ingredient in the meals section should be carefully measured or weighed on a food scale. As soon as I buy my meat and chicken, I package them in 8 oz. bundles using freezer paper and stick them in the freezer. I usually buy about 4 lbs. of each at a time. This is enough for 8 bundles of each, that’s 16 meals! You should try to spend no more that $2/lb. The chicken won’t be trimmed at this price so I come home and trim of the fat and gross looking stuff. It is almost worth it to just spend the extra money to buy the trimmed chicken. I try to move the meat/chicken to the fridge to thaw a day or 2 before use but if that doesn’t get done you can thaw it in the microwave but make sure you cook immediately. Meat and chicken should not be thawed on the counter.

Next to the ingredient I listed the amount of calories per individual serving. Therefore, if you get a product that has less or more calories or you want to use less or more of that ingredient, you can change the total calorie count on your own without having to refigure all the ingredients. The total calories per serving are simply the total calories for the entire meal divided by 2. I do not take the time to measure the food in half after it is all cooked. I just do my best to split it in half. A lot of these recipes will call for ½ cans of products. It takes a bit of planning but if you take the time, you won’t need to waste the other half. Just throw it in the fridge and use it sometime in the next week. Cream of mushroom or chicken soup can also be frozen if you won’t be using them for a while.

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