Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My favorite's from Allrecipes.com

Ham and Chicken Casserole
This Ham and Chicken Casserole is better than I expected! It will definitely be made again in the Burns house!
Broccoli Chicken Divan

What an incredible way to get veggies. (covered in cheese that is!!) This recipe was really good! And very low in calories! Even Larry really liked it! I served this with rice but I think it is great on its own too!
Mexican Stroganoff

I won't lie... this was not my favorite meal. However, Larry really enjoyed this! Larry is a picky eater so it's kind of a big deal when he likes something!
Southwestern Beef Skillet

This was very good! I left out the green beans and corn because of Larry (of course!).

Chinese Chicken Fried Rice
This is a regular in our house! It is easy and delicious! It's all about the black pepper in this recipe! This is also a pretty low calorie recipe. Again, I leave the veggies on the side. I served this at a dinner party and everyone loved it!

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